My Boy Apk Download For Android (Gba Emulator)

Mostly the emulator is utilized to play video games as well as run different operating systems. The former- video game console emulator- is a program that permits a video game console to emulate the other video game console. My Boy Gba Emulator Apk is quite popular among contemporary video game consoles.

My Boy Apk

My Boy Apk

My Boy! is the fastest and myriad featured emulator which can run GameBoy Advance games on a wide domain of Android devices, starting from low-end phones to modern tablets. It is useful enough to emulate approximately all of the functions of the real hardware as adequately as can be done. Up until now, My Boy is the only emulator, which may provide a support link cable emulation with the fastest speed.

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My Boy Apk Download Links


In order to play the GB/C games, one has to download My Old Boy! free of cost. The further one is able to save the game while loading with the game’s built-in capability that can be accessed using the built-in features of the game, not from the menu of the emulator to avoid inconvenience.

How to install My Boy Apk

  • Just download my boy emulator apk from an upper download link and open & install it.
  • As such there are no games available on the app but they can be obtained by inserting the games into the SD card and ultimately browsing them within the app.

The full version of the My Boy confers a number of perks to the player which areas enumerated in the following points:

  • The My boy pro apk does not allow ads during or after the game.
  • The option of autosave and autoload
  • Saving and loading using multiple slots provided in the menu of the emulator.
  • One can sync the data with Google Drive plus one is able to save the game on one device while the same game can be continued using another device that uses synced data from Google Drive.
  • An adventurous option of fast-forwarding with a speed of 2x to 16x makes the game more interesting.
  • One can have more than many lines of code in a single cheat.
  • Gyroscope/tilt sensor emulation can be used through the Android motion sensor in the full version.
  • Servers can be made to link friends, while the friends just as client is an option allowed on the free version too.
  • Multiple screen-layout profiles can be created using the full version.

My Boy Gba Emulator Features

  1. Battery time can be saved to the maximum as it provides the fastest emulation.
  2. Game compatibility is very high while it runs almost all the games without any technical glitch.
  3. Option to link the cable emulation on either the device of usage plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection is also available.
  4. Rumble emulation and gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor.
  5. The option to enter cheat codes of GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker while enabling or disabling them on the fly during the game is running.
  6. Emulation of High-level BIOS with no BIOS file needed as such.
  7. Patching of IPS/UPS ROM
  8. Backend functioning of OpenGL with normal functioning on devices having no GPU
  9. Video filters using the support of GLSL shaders.
  10. Long stories may be fast-forwarded while speeding down the levels to the extent where difficulty level may be decreased according to the player’s requirement.
  11. Shortcut buttons for saving and loading with a screen keypad.
  12. Screen layout editor to reconfigure on-screen controls and their position.
  13. MOGA controllers type of external controller support.
  14. Well decorated user interface integrated with latest Android version.
  15. Keymapping profiles can be created as well as switched.

Creating shortcuts on the desktop for one’s favorite game.

Legal Disclaimer

  •  It is hereby asserted that the product under consideration is explicitly devoid of any patronage from Nintendo Corporation of its subsidiary or affiliated corporations.

Quick removal of bugs

  • There exist many other apps with a little bit of essence of My Boy GBA emulator apk yet unlike them it is troubleshot by the developers of the App for the bugs which are reported as soon as possible.

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