Wattpad Old Version Apk Download (All Versions in One Page)

Wattpad Old Version APK is a treasure that provides a deep reading experience for book lovers.

Today we will talk about some special features of this version, and how you can use it. In this older version of Wattpad, you get all the special content and features that a reader needs to dig into their favorite books.

Apart from this, today we will also discuss about alternative apps which provide different types of facilities for studying so that the needs of every kind of student can be fulfilled. Whether you like to read books of a particular genre, or are looking for ideas from new authors, these apps provide you with new and interesting options.

Wattpad Old Version Apk

Wattpad Old Version APK are two old versions of Wattpad app which are available for Android devices. Users can download and install these older versions from different websites. Wattpad is a famous platform where you can find a huge collection of stories and books written by different authors.

By using this you can read the works of writers from all over the world and further develop your love of reading. This platform is also great for those who want to write; Here you can also share your written stories and reach readers around the world. In Wattpad Old Version APK, you may not get as many features as the newer versions, but some users may find the old interface and functions more simple and user-friendly.

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wattpad old version

In Wattpad Old Version APK you get an interactive reading experience. Here you can find stories, read them and even write your own stories. In this old version, users can enjoy the features of reading without education, facility of offline reading, and setting their profile as per their choice.

But, it is important to keep one thing in mind that if you use the old version, you may not get the latest security updates. Therefore, whenever you download any app, especially the old version, be careful about security. And always download these apps from trusted websites.

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Features of Wattpad Old Version And Newer Version

Ad-Free Reading

  • Enjoy the stories without any interruption, without any education.

Offline Stories

  • You can read the stories of your choice anytime, anywhere, even without internet connection.

Reaction and stickers

  • Along with the stories, you can express your emotions through reactions and stickers, which makes the reading experience even better.

Customizable Profile

  • Personalize your profile with your photo, bio, and other information so you can showcase your interests and connect with like-minded people.

Reading Lists

  • Create a list of your favorite stories to easily find stories and authors.


  • Track the new releases of your favorite authors and get notifications whenever new chapters or stories are published.

Story Comments

  • Discuss your thoughts with the author and other readers through comments and share your thoughts and practices.

Library Management

  • Manage your read and write stories, keep your library organized and access them quickly by bookmarking your favorite stories.

Multi-Platform Access

  • Easily switch between Android, iOS, and web platforms and create a seamless reading experience.

Wattpad Premium

  • Subscribe to Wattpad Premium to enjoy extra features like ad-free reading, unlimited offline access, and access to exclusive stories.

Top 5 Alternatives of Wattpad Old Version

  1. Read thousands of free books and novels on Inkitt written by aspiring writers and take part in the writing practice. Inkitt is a platform for both readers and writers where they can judge and flourish.
  2. Radish Fiction mein delve into many types of serial fiction, from romance to fantasy and mystery. Radish Fiction offers regular updates and a community-driven reading experience.
  3. Immerse yourself in captivating stories across a variety of genres with Dreame and interact with renowned authors and fellow readers. Dreame provides a platform to discover and support up-and-coming writers.
  4. Enter the world of original stories on FicFun, make connections with authors, and participate in writing competitions. FicFun explores a variety of genres and an interactive reading experience.
  5. Explore the vast library of webnovels, which cover genres like fantasy, romance and sci-fi. Webnovel is a platform for readers to discover stories and engage with authors.


Wattpad Old Version APK is a paradise for book lovers, there are many features available to enhance the reading experience. With its ad-free interface, offline functionality, and interactive features like reactions and comments, Wattpad Old Version APK has become a popular choice among readers.

You can read without any interruption, and you can enjoy reading your favorite stories even without internet. Yes, you can make the reading process more interesting by expressing your thoughts and comments on the stories.

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