GCAM Realme Apk Download (For All Realme Phones)

GCAM Realme Apk refers to the Google Camera apk specifically designed for Realme smartphones. GCAM (Google Camera) is a camera app developed by Google that offers advanced features and excellent image processing capabilities. The GCAM Realme Apk is a modified version of the Google Camera app that is compatible with Realme devices, allowing users to enhance their photography experience.

GCAM Realme Apk

Are you tired of your smartphone’s default camera app limiting your photography potential? Look no further than the GCAM Realme Apk! This fantastic modified version of the Google Camera app is specifically designed for Realme smartphones, giving you access to a world of advanced photography features.

One of the standout features of the GCAM Realme Apk is its Night Sight mode. Say goodbye to grainy and dimly lit photos. With Night Sight, you can capture stunning low-light shots that are rich in detail and clarity. Whether you’re taking pictures of cityscapes at dusk or capturing the starry night sky, this feature will truly elevate your nighttime photography game.

Another incredible feature of the GCAM Realme Apk is its Portrait mode. Are you a fan of those beautiful, professional-looking portraits with blurred backgrounds? Well, now you can achieve that same effect right from your Realme device. With Portrait mode, you can add a touch of depth and artistry to your photos, making your subjects stand out and creating stunning visual compositions.

Apk Information

Category Photography
Publish Date December 10, 2021
It’s original? Yes
Requirements Android 4.1+
App Name Google Camera
Developer Google LLC
Installs 10,00000+


GCAM Realme Apk Download

GCAM 8.4 Apk


Google Camera 6.2 Apk


Google Camera v7.4 ApkĀ 


Google Camera v4


GCAM Realme Features

Super Res Zoom

GCAM’s Super Res Zoom feature allows users to capture highly detailed zoomed-in photos without losing image quality.

AR Emojis

With GCAM, Realme users can create personalized emojis that mimic their facial expressions and movements.

Google Lens

GCAM integrates Google Lens, an AI-powered image recognition tool that provides information about objects, landmarks, and more just by pointing the camera at them.


GCAM enables users to create captivating time-lapse videos by capturing a series of photos at regular intervals and stitching them together.

4K 60fps with EIS

By using GCAM in conjunction with Realme 10 Pro Plus, users can shoot high-quality 4K videos at 60 frames per second with electronic image stabilization (EIS).

Night Sight

GCAM’s Night Sight mode enhances low-light photography by capturing multiple frames and combining them to reduce noise and improve detail.

Portrait Light

This feature in GCAM enables users to adjust the lighting effects in portrait mode, allowing for professional-looking portrait shots.

Video Stabilization

GCAM includes video stabilization technology that reduces camera shake and produces smoother video footage.

Astrophotography mode

With GCAM’s Astrophotography mode, Realme users can capture stunning photos of the night sky, including stars, galaxies, and more.

HDR+ Enhanced photography

GCAM’s HDR+ Enhanced mode combines multiple exposures to create photos with improved dynamic range, bringing out more detail in both bright and dark areas.

Top 5 Alternatives of GCAM Realme

Open Camera: Offers manual controls, including ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation.

Camera FV-5: Provides DSLR-like manual controls and supports RAW capture for professional editing.

Footej Camera: Features a clean interface and supports manual controls, burst mode, and slow-motion video recording.

ProCam X: Offers advanced manual controls, including focus peaking and histogram, along with filters and editing tools.

Moment – Pro Camera: Allows manual control over settings like ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, with a focus on capturing high-quality photos.


The final conclusion for Gcam Apk which I made is that the GCam is one of the best camera applications of the android. This app has so many amazing features, it’s one of the finest applications for Android users. Which is developed by Google but now you can install GCam on almost all Android devices.

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