Starmaker Old Version Download For Android

Starmaker is a popular karaoke app that allows users to sing, record, and share their favorite songs. While the latest version of Starmaker offers exciting features, it’s worth exploring the older versions as well.

In this blog post, we will delve into the usage and features of Starmaker old versions, providing you with a comprehensive guide to enhance your karaoke experience.

Starmaker Old Version

Starmaker old versions can be downloaded and installed on Android devices. These versions offer a range of features that have evolved over time. By using an older version, users can explore the app’s functionalities as they were during specific timeframes.

APK Information

Name Starmaker Old Version
Downloads 100,000+
Size 205 MB
Update Date 01/06/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Starmaker Old Version

Heartbeat Duet in Real-time

Enjoy the unique feature of singing duets with others in real-time, synchronizing your voices seamlessly.

Collection Points for Virtual Image

Engage in collecting rare costumes and enhancing your virtual image within the app, adding a personalized touch to your performances.

Optimized Duet Experience

Benefit from optimized duet functionality, ensuring smooth collaboration with other singers.

3D Grab Mic

Experience the thrill of using the 3D Grab Mic feature, which amplifies the excitement and engagement during your karaoke performances.

Support for Family Group Disbandment

Easily manage and disband family groups within the app, allowing for better control and organization.

Game Miracle Train Integration

Explore and play the game Miracle Train directly within the Starmaker app, adding a fun element to your karaoke sessions.

Enhanced Square Functionality

Take advantage of the updated square feature, offering new ways to interact with other Starmaker users and discover fresh content.

New Release Methods

Enjoy the addition of new release methods, providing you with varied options to showcase your talent and share your recordings.

Improved Singing Experience

Benefit from enhancements that improve the overall audio quality and singing experience within the app.

Expanded Music Library

Access an extensive music library with a wide range of songs across different genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Top 5 Alternatives of Starmaker Old Version

Smule: Explore Smule, a popular karaoke app that offers a vast library of songs, real-time duets, and various audio effects to enhance your singing experience.

SingPlay: Discover SingPlay, an app that allows you to create karaoke tracks from your favorite songs in your music library, giving you the freedom to sing along to any song you love.

Yokee: Engage with Yokee, an app that offers a social karaoke platform where users can record and share their performances, join singing contests, and connect with other karaoke enthusiasts.

Karaoke – Sing Songs!: Try out Karaoke – Sing Songs!, an app that provides a wide selection of songs, customizable vocal effects, and the option to record and share your performances with friends.

Voloco: Explore Voloco, a unique karaoke app that combines auto-tune and vocal processing features, allowing users to create professional-sounding recordings and experiment with different vocal effects.

Last words on Starmaker Old Version

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