Wamr Mod Apk Download for Android (2024)

Today we will talk about WAMR APK. This is an application that allows users to get back deleted messages and media attachments from WhatsApp and other messaging apps. How does this work? So, this application scans the notifications of your device so that any deleted content can be retrieved.

Its special features are message recovery, that is, getting back deleted messages, media attachment retrieval, that is, getting back photos, videos etc., and status download, that is, you can download anyone’s status. But, one important thing is that using third-party apps like WAMR can be a threat to privacy and security. Therefore, whenever you use such applications, you should be careful.

Wamr Mod Apk

Sometimes what happens is that the log messages are sent and deleted and we are not able to read them. But now you don’t need to worry. With the help of WAMR app, you can get back your deleted messages and photos. This app scans your phone’s notifications and keeps a backup of all your conversations. Bas, then what? Your thoughts will also be calmed down and you will always be updated with the latest information.

And listen, not only messages, WAMR can also bring back media attachments. Be it photos, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs or stickers, WAMR takes care of everything. It’s about fun, isn’t it? Now that funny meme or heartfelt voice message or that precious photo will not be missed, WAMR covers everything.

A special thing about WAMR is that it also saves media notifications. Don’t worry, if you get a voice note or video and you can’t save it for later use. So whenever you find any such media file using WAMR, a notification will come to save the media. It feels like you have a personal assistant that takes care of all your media files and keeps them safely stored for later enjoyment.

APK Information

Name Wamr Mod Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 34 MB
Update Date 10/07/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Wamr Mod Apk

Message Recovery

Through Message Recovery you can easily get back deleted text messages on platforms like WhatsApp. This feature will help you in recovering the important things which you have accidentally deleted.

Media Attachment Recovery

Talking about Media Attachment Recovery, you can get back your deleted media attachments like pictures, videos, voice notes, and other files. This way you can never lose valuable and important information.

Status Saver

With the Status Saver feature, you can save the statuses sent by your contacts and have the convenience of viewing and downloading them later, even if they disappear from the application.

Undelete Multiple Messages

With the help of Undelete Multiple Messages, you can recover the messages you have deleted simultaneously, which will save your time and effort when you need to get back the important messages.

Selective Recovery

In Selective Recovery you can decide which specific messages or media attachments you want recovered, giving you flexibility and control over the recovery process.

Easy-to-Use Interfac

The app is very easy to use due to its easy-to-use interface, through which anyone can easily recover deleted messages and media files.

Automatic Detection

The feature of Automatic Detection is included in WAMR Mod Apk which automatically detects the messages and attachments that you have deleted, so no information is lost during the recovery process.

Save to Device or Cloud

With Save to Device or Cloud, you can choose whether to save the recovered messages and media files on your device or upload them to cloud storage for safekeeping.

Quick Search

Quick Search feature lets you quickly find any deleted message or media attachment, saving you time from searching through long chat histories.

Backup and Restore

With Backup and Restore you can create a backup of your chat history and restore it when needed, so you will always have a copy of your important chats.

Some Alternatives of Wamr Mod Apk


DiskDigger is a powerful recovery app that helps you get back deleted photos, videos, and other files from your device’s internal storage or SD card.

GT Recovery

The special thing about GT Recovery is that it recovers deleted SMS, contacts, call logs, and files, which provides comprehensive data recovery options for both Android devices and SD cards.

Dr.Fone – Data Recovery

With Dr.Fone – Data Recovery you can recover your deleted messages, contacts, photos, videos, and other data from Android devices. There are many solutions for data recovery.

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver is a user-friendly data recovery tool that helps you retrieve deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos, and other files from Android devices.


Recuva is a popular data recovery software that helps you recover deleted files from your computer, including messages, photos, videos, and other types of files.

Last words on Wamr Mod Apk

WAMR is the app that everyone should have if you want to get back your deleted messages and media files. With its powerful recovery features and easy interface, it is the perfect tool for you to always stay connected and not miss any important messages. Now say goodbye to the worry of deleted messages and enjoy the chain with WAMR. Download it now and open yourself to new possibilities!

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