USB Camera Pro Apk Download For Android

Today we will talk about USB Camera Pro Apk, which is an amazing application for photography enthusiasts. First of all, let me tell you that USB Camera Pro Apk turns your Android camera into a professional USB camera. This app allows you to take better pictures from your mobile or tablet.

USB Camera Pro Apk

In this app you get some advanced features which make your photo capturing experience even better. For example, there is an option of manual control in the app so you can adjust exposure, focus, white balance, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed. This way you can get whatever artistic effect you want in your photos.

Another special thing, in USB Camera Pro Apk you can record videos with different resolutions and frame rates, up to 4K quality. Apart from this, it also has the feature of time-lapse recording, so you can capture the processes running for a long time in a smooth video format.

Friends, isn’t it fun? From capturing still images in RAW format to the ability to switch between different camera angles, this app gives you the opportunity to do professional level photography. So if you want to take your photography hobby to a new level, then USB Camera Pro apk can prove to be a great tool for you. Do try and hone your creative skills.

APK Information

Name USB Camera Pro Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 19 MB
Update Date 15/07/2023
Rating 4.5+

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Features of USB Camera Pro Apk

High-Quality Image and Video Capture:

  • With USB Camera Pro Apk cracked you can capture high-quality images and videos. This app specifically uses advanced algorithms and settings so that the output miles are fast, clean, and ranged. Whether you are using it for personal use, or for professional photography and video recording, USB Camera Pro Apk mod gives you unmatched results.

Multiple Camera Support:

  • Another special feature of this app is its multiple camera support. You can connect different types of USB cameras to your device and easily switch between them in the app. This feature is very useful for those who use different lenses or setups, such as for macro photography, telephoto shots, or wide-angle captures.

Manual Control Options:

  • USB Camera Pro comes with a wide range of manual control options that give users complete control over their camera settings. Photographers can customize it as per their wish, whether they want to adjust exposure levels, set white balance, adjust focus points or set shutter speeds. These manual controls allow you to experiment with different shooting techniques and help you achieve the desired black and white effect in your photos or videos.

Advanced Settings and Controls:

  • USB Camera Pro offers a wide range of advanced settings and controls, giving users complete control over their camera experience. You can customize your camera settings according to your preferences and shooting requirements, from exposure levels to different focus modes.

External Microphone Support:

  • Another feature of USB Camera Pro is its support for external microphones. This is especially useful for people who want to record their videos with high-quality audio or want better sound quality for interviews or other types of recordings. This feature allows users to experience amazing audio recording capabilities by connecting external microphones via USB or Bluetooth.

Some Alternatives of USB Camera Pro Apk

IP Webcam:

  • IP Webcam is a famous alternative to USB Camera Pro Apk. This turns your Android device into a network camera. It has features of video streaming, motion detection, and audio support. IP Webcam lets you access your Android device’s camera feed from a web browser or any other device on the same network.


  • DroidCam is also a reliable option that turns your Android phone into a wireless webcam for PC or Mac. This app has both wired and wireless connectivity options, giving you the opportunity to choose the setup as per your requirement. Additionally, DroidCam also has various customization options like adjusting the video quality, and you can choose between front or rear camera.


  • iVCam is a good solution for those looking for an alternative to USB Camera Pro. This app allows users to use their iPhone or iPad as a webcam for a Windows PC via WiFi or USB connection. This app supports high-quality video streaming with low latency and also has features like face beautifying effects and flashlight control.

CamON Live Streaming:

  • CamON Live Streaming is a versatile option that not only turns your smartphone into a webcam, but also enables live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other platforms. It supports WiFi and USB connections, and also provides additional features like image filters, text overlays, screen capture functionality, and even virtual background effects.

Last words on USB Camera Pro Apk

Finally, I would like to say that USB Camera Pro Apk is a very useful and reliable camera app which provides better photography experience to the users. Due to its innovative features and simple interface, it stands out among its users. Whether you are a professional photographer or just love capturing friends on your smartphone, this app is a must try.

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