Mx Player Mod Apk No Ads Download For Android (2024)

MX Player Mod Apk is a great video player that offers many advanced features compared to popular media players. In this you will not get to see ads, and there are also some advanced features which make the experience of watching videos very smooth. It is very much liked among the people using Android.

Mx Player Mod Apk No Ads

MX Player Mod Apk, as the name suggests, is an upgraded version of the original MX Player app. In this version you will get a clean experience without ads, along with this extra features and functionalities are also unlocked which are not available in normal MX Player.

With this modded version, you can watch videos without any interruptions, take advantage of advanced hardware acceleration, and use the video player’s customization options as per your convenience.

APK Information

Name Mx Player Mod Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 116 MB
Update Date 07/06/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Mx Player Mod Apk No Ads

Ad-Free Experience

  • With MX Player Mod Apk you get rid of the hassle of frequent ads. You can enjoy watching videos without any interruption, which makes the viewing experience even smoother.

Hardware Acceleration

  • This apk makes use of the hardware capabilities of your device so that the videos play without any power, consume less battery and also improve the performance.

Subtitle Support

  • It supports many subtitle formats so you can easily load subtitles and enhance your viewing experience.

Gesture Controls

  • Whether you want to adjust volume, brightness or go forward or backward in the video, intuitive gesture controls are provided for all this. Just swipe and control.

Multi-Core Decoding

  • MX Player Mod Apk supports multi-core decoding. Meaning, the processing power of your device is fully utilized so that the video plays smoothly and efficiently.

Kids Lock

  • It is also thought for small children in this app. With the Kids Lock feature, you will not be able to exit the video player and you will not be able to access any more content.

Network Streaming

  • Online videos from different sources can be streamed within the app, thus eliminating the need for separate video streaming apps.

Customizable Themes

  • Different themes and color schemes are available to customize the appearance of MX Player Mod Apk as per your taste.

Audio Boost

  • There is audio boost feature to improve the audio output of the device. This makes the sound experience even richer and immersive.

File Management

  • This apk also works as a powerful file manager. You can easily organize, rename, delete or share your media files right from the app.

Top 5 Alternatives of Mx Player Mod Apk No Ads

VLC Media Player

  • VLC Media Player supports many formats and is known for wide compatibility. It has solid features like network streaming, subtitle synchronization, and audio equalizer.


  • KMPlayer stands out for its ability to play high-definition videos without any lag. It also has a built-in codec library, gesture controls, and supports a variety of subtitle formats.


  • BSPlayer is a feature-rich video player that supports hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, custom subtitles and USB storage devices.


  • PotPlayer comes with a sleek and user-friendly interface, and also has advanced features like 3D video playback, screen capture, and live broadcasting support.


  • In XPlayer you get a clean and intuitive interface. It also has the facility of floating video playback, background audio playback, and creating personalized playlists.

Last words on Mx Player Mod Apk No Ads

MX Player Apk is one of the best media player applications available for Android devices. It enhances the quality of the video and at the same time provides more amazing features that fulfill the needs of every user.

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