Mod Menu Apk Download 2024(All Games)

Mod Menu APK is a type of app which unlocks many types of extra features for gamers. For those who play log games, this can be quite a demand.

Mod Menu Apk

Now let us know about some special features of Mod Menu APK. These mods provide many additional functions compared to regular apps. Meaning, you can get extra powers in the games, like making your enemy fall in one place, or seeing the pair of gods again, i.e. Wallhack.

There is a special menu in these Mod APKs, in which you can turn different cheats on or off. But remember, friends, sometimes their use breaks the rules of the game, and because of this you can even be banned from the game.

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Free Fire Mod Menu Apk MAX


Among Us Mod Menu Apk

App Version V26_v2.94.X
Last Updated 04 Jan 2023
APK Size 127 MB
Rating 4.5/5
Content Rating Everyone
Support Android Version Android 4.1 and up


  • God Mode means making your character immortal, that is, no one can harm him.
  • With Wallhack you will be able to see behind walls, which will benefit you in the game.
  • Teleportation means your character will instantly reach any place in the game.
  • Speed Hack will increase the speed of your character, so you will be able to complete challenges faster.
  • With Unlimited Resources you will get unlimited money, items or resources in the game, with which you can progress without any hindrance.
  • With One-Hit Kill you can kill enemies in one attack.
  • With Unlock All Levels you will be able to play all the levels without any conditions.
  • Fly Mode allows your character to fly in the air, allowing you to see the game world from a different perspective.
  • Free Premium Content lets you get paid features, characters or items of the game without spending any money.
  • And finally, with Customization Options, you can change your game’s appearance, character’s gun or game settings as per your convenience.


  1. Lucky Patcher: Lucky Patcher is a popular tool that lets you modify permissions of games and apps, remove ads, bypass in-app purchases, and much more.
  2. Xmodgames: Xmodgames is an application that provides mods for many popular games. This app helps in managing in-game resources and enabling cheats.
  3. GameGuardian: This is a powerful cheat tool that allows you to apply cheats by changing the internal values of the game, such as higher score or more lives.
  4. Creehack: Creehack allows you to make free in-app purchases without root access in certain games, so that players can access premium content without spending anything.
  5. SB Game Hacker: SB Game Hacker also works like a cheat engine which provides features like increasing game speed, modifying high scores and making resources unlimited.


Mod Menu APKs have given a new mod to the world of gaming. With this, gamers can take their game to a new level and compete with their enemies.

You can explore your favorite games in a new way and can also customize your game as per your requirement. But at the same time, these APKs should be used responsibly and while following the rules of the game.

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