Kerala Bus Mod Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia Download

We will talk about Bus Simulator Indonesia, which is also famous by the name BUSSID. This game has become very famous now. Its original graphics and gameplay have won the hearts of gamers. But one big aspect that makes the game so popular are its mods, which add new features and content to the game.

And today we will talk about Kerala Bus Mod which is made for BUSSID. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but its features are amazing. Through this mod you can include Kerala buses in the game. Kerala buses are known for their unique design and colorful colors which give them a distinct identity on the game’s routes.

Kerala Bus Mod Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia

Today I am going to tell you about an amazing mod that will give you a first-class experience in the game BUSSID, i.e. Bus Simulator Indonesia. We are talking about Kerala Bus Mod, which is very famous. This mod gives you a chance to drive Kerala buses.

The special thing about Kerala Bus Mod is its realism and great attention to detail. The bus models shown here are exactly like the original Kerala buses, with the correct paint and logo. Arre, the walk is even more amazing. The interior detailing of each bus is so amazing that you will feel as if you are driving a real bus.

The option of customization is also very important. You can decorate your bus in your style by adding different accessories like bull bars, rooftop luggage carriers, sunshades etc. You can make your bus as per your choice, that too in your style.

There is also variety in engine types. The power output of each engine is different. So you have the option to choose the engine as per your driving style. Meaning, complete control is in your hands!

APK Information

Name Kerala Bus Mod
Downloads 100,000+
Size 15 MB
Update Date 01/06/2023
Rating 4.5+

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Features of Kerala Bus Mod Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia

Authentic Kerala Bus Designs

In this mode you will enjoy the real buses of Kerala like KSRTC, SETC, and many other private bus operators. Its designs and colors are so unique that you feel as if you are driving a bus on a route in Kerala.

Realistic Interiors

Then if we talk about its interiors, brother, the inside feels different. Exactly as if you are traveling in a bus in Kerala.

Customizable Options

And there is also the option of customization. Meaning you can change the color of your bus, you can apply decals. You can give your favorite touch to your bus.

Accurate Sound Effects

You didn’t ask about sound effects. From the noise of the engine to the sound of the horn, everything is realistic, as heard on the streets of Kerala.

GPS Navigation Syste

GPS Navigation System is also installed in it. That means you can navigate comfortably on the complicated roads of Kerala.

Animated Passenger

Passengers are also animated, which means you can see their descent and all the passengers, which makes the game look even more realistic.

Dynamic Weather Conditions

Believe it or not, the weather also keeps changing in this game. Be it rain or fog, everything is as it was. This is the real test of driving skills.

Multiplayer Support

With multiplayer support, you can drive different buses with your friends, and see the beautiful views of Kerala at the same time.

Day-Night Cycle

And lastly, there is day-night cycle, which makes the game even more fun. Be it day or night, the fun of driving never diminishes.

Top 5 Alternatives of Kerala Bus Mod Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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OMSI 2, also known as The Omnibus Simulator, allows players to drive a bus on different routes and scenarios in Germany.

City Car Driving is another simulation game in which players can drive cars in a very realistic urban environment.

American Truck Simulator is a game like Euro Truck Simulator in which you have to drive trucks on the highways of America and transport the same from one place to another.

Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V, is not a pure street driving simulation game, but it is an open environment in which players can drive different types of vehicles through Los Santos City, complete missions and more by Rockstar Games We can explore the vast world created by cows.

Last words on Kerala Bus Mod Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia

Overall, suppose you are a fan of bus simulator games and want to experience something new. In that case, the Kerala Bus is worth checking out. Enjoy exploring the beautiful state of Kerala while driving your virtual bus!

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