iPhone 9 Launcher Apk Download For Android (ios 9)

If you want to install iPhone display and features in your android phone, then download iPhone 9 Launcher apk in one click and install in your android.

This launcher will convert your android to entirely to iPhone, and you can use some iPhone features in your phone. This launcher turns your android look to iPhone 9, and if you want another, you can check other launchers on best launchers and download.

Latest iPhone ios 9 Launcher Apk Download

iPhone 9 Launcher

Have you been impressed with the cohesive elements you have seen to the iPhone 9’s default launcher but usually do not desire to devote the same sum of money in buying an iPhone 9? In that scenario, you typically do not need to be worried as the iPhone 9 Launcher can be a superb alternative for one to pick.

Also with this particular launcher designed at no cost at the Google Play Store. You also can convert your Android mobile in an iPhone 9 well so much as the appearances are worried about But, you can find many things you have to bear at heart. This launcher imitates the entirety of this iPhone 9 port, which also comprises the infamous top notch.

ios 9 Launcher

Even though elite might well not disturb a whole lot of people, if you by chance get a phone without a bezel, or even perhaps a topnotch gift, then it can look quite excellent. But on mobiles which have probably not contributed in on the elite fiasco, things may not look pretty good.


The fantastic thing is that even though being quite straightforward, that the launcher does possess some wonderful customization choices out there for its users. It is possible to merely customize the shortcut toggles by swiping opening and up the control center, and also make a few other changes too.

iPhone 9 Launcher apk

iPhone 9 Launcher Features

This launcher has a lot of themes and wallpapers, and you can download and set on mobile. When you have this launcher not need any third party apps to download wallpapers. This launcher supporting all types of locks pattern pin slide and show on the home screen. If you are not able to find your apps in it, you can search it and find your phone and downloaded apps.

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You can create groups of apps in it and make your Android clean. Just drag and drop applications in the group and you can add unlimited groups with unlimited apps.

iPhone 9 Launcher free

iPhone 9 Launcher latest

In display setting, you can change your icons and select applications icon you are liking. When you are installing an iPhone launcher in your Android, then all configuration will be replaced as iPhone. This launcher show notification bar as iPhone. Swipe down if you want to see notification bar as iPhone. You can quickly delete drag and drop apps in launcher iphone ios 9.



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