Google Earth Pro Apk Download For Android (2024)

Today we will talk about a very special application, which is Google Earth Pro Apk. This app gives humans the opportunity to travel around the world, that too using advanced mapping and geospatial features.

Whether you are fond of making maps or are a professional in this field, in this app you will get such amazing functions which will make your work easier. Through this you can also collaborate with people around the world, meaning you can work together with other people.

So if you are fond of geography or you just want to see the world as it is, Google Earth Pro Apk can prove to be an invaluable resource for you.

Google Earth Pro Apk

Imagine that you are living in a ghost world. Yes, Google Earth Pro has changed the way we see the world. Through this app you can explore different places around the world virtually, that is, on the screen.

Talking about its advanced mapping features, you will be able to show high-resolution images taken from satellite, see mountains and buildings in 3D, and learn a lot from geographic data.

Whether you are a professional in the GIS field or just want to travel the world, my friends, Google Earth Pro is an invaluable tool for you, something that will open up a new dimension to your exploration.

APK Information

Name Google Earth Pro Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 23 MB
Update Date 13/06/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Google Earth Pro Apk

Mapmaking Tools

Imagine, if you could create a map of your favorite place, that too with the information of your choice? Yes friends, Google Earth gives you the facility to create custom maps, in which you can add layers, notes, and measurements.

Collaboration Features

And if you’re working with a team, there’s also a collaboration option in Google Earth. You can easily share your maps and data, and create great projects and presentations together.

Street View and 360 Perspective

Have you ever thought that you will be able to travel around any corner of the world while sitting at home? This is possible with Google Earth’s Street View and 360-degree perspective! You get a realistic and immersive experience that makes you feel like you are at that place.

Historical Imagery

Be it old times or present day, a change can be seen now. Google Earth gives you access to historical satellite images, so you can see changes over time, which is very useful for research and analysis.

Distance and Area Measurements

Talking about distance and area measurements, in Google Earth you also get the facility to measure distance and area on the map, which is very important for different types of analyses.

Import and Export Data

Talking about data management, in Google Earth Pro you can import and export different types of data formats, which makes integration with your other software easier.

Fly Anywhere

Traveling from the sky to the ground is more fun, and Google Earth’s seamless navigation and smooth transitions will let you travel to any place with ease.

Layering Feature

By using the layering feature, you can easily add specific features like parks, lakes, traffic patterns, and more on your maps, which makes analysis and visualization even better.

Historical Maps

Speaking of historical maps, Google Earth provides you with an extensive collection of old images and maps, allowing you to delve deeper into areas that have changed over time.

Advanced GIS Capabilities

And if you are a GIS professional, Google Earth Pro also gives you advanced geospatial analysis tools, so you can perform complex spatial analyzes and reach meaningful conclusions.

Top 5 Alternatives of Google Earth Pro Apk

ArcGIS Online

Let’s start with ArcGIS Online. This is a platform where you can create interactive maps, analyze data in depth and also share it with the world easily.


Now we are talking about Mapbox. Friends, if you want to customize world maps for web or mobile applications, Mapbox gives you the facility of powerful mapping tools and geospatial analysis.


Have you heard about OpenStreetMap? This is an open-source mapping platform, where you can contribute and edit map data yourself. This means that this map is constantly updated with the help of people around the world.

Esri ArcGIS Pro

Esri ArcGIS Pro is a specialized desktop GIS software designed especially for GIS specialists and analysts. It has advanced mapping and analysis capabilities.


And lastly let’s talk about QGIS. Friends, QGIS is a free and open-source GIS software which provides a wealth of mapping and analysis tools. Whether you are new to this field or experienced, this software is perfect for everyone.

Last words on Google Earth Pro Apk

If you have not used Google Earth Pro Apk yet then I would like to tell you that you must try it. This is a very useful tool that will help you understand new parts of the world and expand your knowledge. So why wait longer? Download this app today and explore the world at your fingertips!

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