Autoinput Pro Apk Download For Android (2024)

Streamline your Android device with Autoinput Pro Apk. This powerful automation app allows you to save time by automating repetitive tasks on your smartphone or tablet.

Autoinput Pro Apk is an Android application that has gained immense popularity among users seeking to automate tasks and simplify their daily lives. This app allows users to create custom macros to perform various actions with just a single tap. From typing out predefined texts to opening specific apps or websites, Autoinput Pro Apk makes it easy for users to streamline their routines and save time.

The app has a user-friendly interface that makes setting up and using macros simple. With its advanced features like Tasker integration, Autoinput Pro Apk offers unparalleled flexibility in automating tasks on your Android device.

Autoinput Pro Apk

Autoinput Pro Apk is a powerful Android app that allows users to automate tasks. This application provides a range of features that make it easy for users to create macros and automate repetitive tasks. One of the most notable features of Autoinput is itvariouslate touch inputs, which enables users to interact with their devices in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

In addition, Autoinput Apk offers various customizable settings that allow users to fine-tune their automation workflows. For example, on their devices, users can d on the time, location, or other events. They can also specify which apps should be used in each automation workflow and adjust various input speed and accuracy settings.

Overall, Autoinput Pro provides an efficient way for Ands to save time and streamline their daily routines. With its advanced capabilities and customizable options, this app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to automate repetitive tasks on their devices.

APK Information

NameAutoinput Pro Apk
Size5 MB
Update Date26/06/2023

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Features of Autoinput Pro Apk

Autoinput Pro Apk is a powerful automated tool that allows Android users to automate their device’s tasks and increase productivity. Here are the top ten features of Autoinput:

1. Record Macros

With Autoinput Pro, you can record macros to automate repetitive tasks on your device.

2. Tasker Integration

The app integrates with Tasker, allowing you to create complex automation workflows.

3. Text Input

Autoinput Pro enables you to input text into any app or field quickly.

4. Gesture Control

The app supports gesture control for navigation and other functions.

5. Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to trigger actions within the app or on your device.

6. Easy Scripting Language

Autoinput Pro uses an easy-to-learn scripting language that lets you create custom scripts for automation tasks.

7. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can program keyboard shortcuts for specific actions within the app or on your device.

8. Accessibility Service Support

The app supports accessibility services, making it easier for people with disabilities to use their devices more has not-Language Support

Autoinput Pro supports multiple languages, making it accessible globally.

10. No Ads & Free Updates

The pro version of Autoinput has no ads, and users receive free updates as long as they have purchased the license key.

Top 5 Alternatives of Autoinput Pro Apk

1. Tasker: Tasker is a powerful automation tool for Android devices that allows users to create complex automated tasks using a simple interface. It offers various triggers, actions, and conditions to automate tasks.

2. MacroDroid: MacroDroid is another popular automation app for Android devices that lets users create custom macros using a straightforward interface. It offers over 100 built-in templates for common tasks and supports triggers like location, history level, etc.

3. Automate: Automate is an intuitivtomation app for Andrdevices that enables users to create flowcharts to automate various tasks. It has over 300 building blocks to help users build their custom flows without programming knowledge.

4. IFTTT: IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web-based service that connects different apps and services based on user-predefined rules or recipes. It suer 600 apps and services and offers various pre-built recipes.

5. Zapier: Zapier is another web-based service that connects apps and services to Android users based on predefined rules or zap.

Last words on Autoinput Pro Apk

In conclusion, easily perform complex actions automation tool that offers Android users a wide range of features and functionality. It can automate ree tasks, easily perform complicated acts, and increase productivity. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, Autoinput Pro Apk has become popular among developers and power users.

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