Qureka Pro Apk Download For Android (2024)

So I want you all to understand some important things about Qureka Pro Apk. This is Qureka Pro, friends, a trivia game application which is very popular in India. It has become very popular among people due to its fun game, chat interface, and exciting rewards.

Through this game you can test yourself in different areas like history, science, sports, and entertainment areas. Qureka Apk not only gives you an opportunity to test your knowledge and analytical skills, but also offers a platform to compete with friends and other competitors, where you can win cash prizes.

One special thing in the game is that there are live quiz shows, where you can win real money by giving correct answers, that too within the time limit. So you see, Qureka Pro Apk not only entertains you, but also tests your knowledge and rewards the winners. So what are you waiting for, download Qureka Pro Apk, challenge your knowledge, and test yourself with interesting experts.

Qureka Pro Apk

Today we will talk about Qureka Pro Apk. This is one such gaming platform where you can win real cash rewards. There are many features in this app which make it different from other gaming apps.

There are different types of games in Qureka Apk like quizzes, puzzles, and memory games. These games cover various categories from sports, politics, entertainment, history to medical science.

The user interface of Qureka Pro Apk is such that anyone can navigate within it easily. With attractive graphics and animations, you will get a immersive experience when you play your favorite games. Apart from this, users can also take part in live quizzes hosted by experienced hosts, and you can compete with other players at the same time.

Finally, another special thing about Qureka Apk is its reward system. Players can earn coins and redeem them in the form of real cash or vouchers from popular brands like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also earn bonus points by referring your friends to this platform. With all these features, Qureka Pro Apk has become a top choice for people who want to enjoy fun gaming experiences and win rewards at the same time.

APK Download

Name Qureka Pro Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 14 MB
Update Date 13/06/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Qureka Pro Apk

Daily Live Trivia Quiz

  • Let’s go straight to the topic. Qureka Apk has daily live trivia quiz where you can win real cash prize.

Multiple Language Support

  • This app supports multiple languages. Meaning, which language are you comfortable with, you can use the app in that language, whether it is Hindi, English or any other language.

Easy Navigation

  • It is very easy to use the app because the user interface is simple and clean, so there will be no need to concentrate on navigation.

Wide Range of Topics

  • There is variety in quiz questions various subjects from history to medicine, science, and technology are included.

Instant Withdrawal

  • After winning, you have the option to immediately withdraw whatever amount you have won. You can use different payment options like Paytm or UPI.

Leaderboard Rankings

  • There are also leaderboard rankings in the app, where you can compare your score with other players and compete for high score.

Refer and Earn Program

  • You can earn even more with the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. Just tell your friends about Qureka Apk and if they join you will get a reward.

Variety of Games Formats

  • The game is not limited to just trivia quizzes. There are also special events like 24×7 tournaments and events based on Diwali or Christmas Day.

Social Sharing feature

  • And here, you can share your score and achievements on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. This will let your friends know how well you have played and will also boost your morale. So go and start a new gaming journey with Qureka Apk!

Top 5 Alternatives of Qureka Pro Apk


  • First is Loco. This is a live trivia game show app in which real cash rewards are available. In this you will find different types of games like Snakes & Ladders, Carrom, Pool, and quizzes.


Next is BrainBaazi. BrainBaazi hosts live trivia games every day at 9 pm. Winners get cash rewards. It also has a feature called ‘Baat Karo’ where users can chat with each other while playing the game.


  • Then comes Jeet11. This is a fantasy sports app where users can create their own teams and compete against other users. Those who win get real cash prizes.

Zupee Gold

  • Zupee Gold is another app that provides quizzes on Bollywood, sports, and current affairs topics. It also has mini-games where you can play Rummy and Fruit Chop.


  • Last is confetti. This is also a live trivia game show app that comes at specific times during the week. Winners can win cash prizes here also. It also has celebrity guests who host some shows.

Last words on Qureka Pro Apk

So guys, finally we can say that Qureka Pro Apk is a great mobile app. Through this app you can earn real money by playing live trivia games. This app is very easy to use and has different game modes for people of all ages and skill levels.

Apart from this, Qureka Apk also gives good rewards to its users in the form of bonus points and cash rewards. So if you want to earn some money by playing games then don’t forget to try Qureka Apk.

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