Miss Call Bomber Apk Download For Android (2024)

Today we will talk about Miss Call Bomber Apk, which is a very easy and fun app to send unlimited prank calls to your friends. Just do teen clicks and trouble your friend! This app is as easy to use as children and has the kind of features which are very popular in today’s youth.

In this article we will better understand the features of Miss Call Bomber Apk and see how it works. Today, we will also explain the risks of using this app and ways to stay safe.

Miss Call Bomber Apk

The most amazing thing about Miss Call Bomber is that you can set how often and for how long you want to send miss calls, all this yourself. You want your target to be called once every few seconds or every few minutes, all this is in your hands. You can also set the duration of each call, so that it will appear as if someone is actually calling you on a regular basis.

Another great thing is that Miss Call Bomber is also compatible with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This means you can share your pranks across these platforms without having to switch between different apps. Overall, Miss Call Bomber has a lot of great features that make it a must-have tool for anyone looking to have some fun with friends and family without any harm.

APK Information

Name Miss Call Bomber Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 1 MB
Update Date 26/05/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Miss Call Bomber Apk Features

User-friendly interface

Using Miss Call Bomber is so easy that anyone can understand it. Its interface is such that you can navigate through different options without any problem.

Multiple bombing modes

Now let’s talk about its different bombing modes, like normal mode, custom mode and turbo mode. You can select whatever mode you want.

Customizable delay time

Then we have customizable delay time, meaning you can decide how much time you want to wait between calls.

An unlimited number of bombs

And to top it off, if you want, you can also add unlimited bombs, that is, keep calling the tab until the person in front of you becomes tired or irritated.

No limit on numbers

There is no need for phone numbers, friends, you can do this “bombing” on as many numbers as you want.

Personalization options

You can also give each call your personal touch by choosing a different ringtone or setting a custom message for each call.

Fast processing speed

And yes, the processing speed of the app is so fast that it can send multiple calls within seconds.

Battery optimization

Finally one more special thing, the battery is also taken care of in this app it will not let your phone’s battery drain quickly. So what are you thinking? Let’s start the fun!

Top 5 Alternative of Miss Call Bomber Apk


This app gives you the opportunity to make calls with different types of pre-recorded messages and situations. Meaning you can fool your friends, even without picking up the phone yourself!

Ownage Pranks

Then there are Ownage Pranks. It’s like PrankDial, but it has even more pre-recorded prank call scenarios and it’s even more fun when you can create your own scripts!

Cat Facts

The service called Cat Facts is also no less, friends. These laughing cat facts kept being sent again and again until the number in front was blocked.

SMS Bomber

And talking about SMS Bomber, it sends more text messages than necessary just for fun instead of missed calls.

Fake Call & SMS

With this app you can generate fake incoming calls and text messages, so that you can avoid uncomfortable situations or talk to people you want to run away from.

Last words on Miss Call Bomber Apk

In the end, I just want to say that the method written by Miss Call Bomber to detect or take revenge on someone may seem right to you, but remember that it is both illegal and wrong.

Always talk positively and follow your own path to solve problems, without bothering anyone. Stay away from such apps and follow the right path, it is better for everyone.

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