Cambly Mod Apk Download For Android (2024)

Today we will talk about a special app which is ‘Cambly Mod Apk’. This is such an application with which you can improve your English anytime, anywhere. In this modified application you get the facility of unlimited tutoring sessions with native English speakers.

Cambly Mod Apk is basically a modified version of Cambly app. Cambly is an online platform that connects language seekers with native English-speaking tutors via video chat. In the modified version, often premium features or extended users are available without any charge.

Cambly is a very popular app, especially for people who want to improve their English speaking skills. Through this app you can improve your language by talking to real native speakers in real time. Its interface is very simple and learners get the freedom to choose the certified tutors of their choice.

Cambly Mod Apk

So let us talk about some special features of Cambly Mod Apk which is a modified i.e. changed version of a language learning application. In Cambly Mod Apk you get many extra features that make your language learning journey even easier.

The best thing is, in this modded version you get unlimited access to premium content and that too without any subscription or payment. You can study Matlab without interruptions between your studies, access all audio and video classes, and practice by chatting live with native speakers.

Another amazing thing is that you can study offline by downloading the lessons. Meaning you can save your favorite class and practice anywhere, anytime, even without internet. Apart from this, this modded version also gives you the facility to adjust playback speed and control subtitles, with the help of which you can customize the study as per your requirement and learn as much as possible.

APK Information

Name Cambly Mod Apk
Downloads 100,000+
Size 133 MB
Update Date 03/07/2023
Rating 4.5+

APK Download

Features of Cambly Mod Apk

Unlimited Tutoring Sessions

Through this app you get unlimited access to tutoring sessions with native English speakers from around the world. Whether you want to improve your conversation skills, work on pronunciation or enhance your vocabulary, you can take as many sessions as you want, there is no limit.

Ad-Free Experience

Talking about the experience of Ad-Free Experience, you will get ad-free learning in Cambly Mod Apk. Unlike Matlab’s regular Cambly app, you will not be disturbed by advertisements in between your sessions, with this modified version you will get a seamless and uninterrupted learning experience.

Offline Learning

Cambly Mod Apk also offers the facility of offline learning. You can use it after downloading lessons and study materials. This feature is very useful for people who do not always have internet access but still want to keep their language learning journey updated.

Conversation History

Talking about Conversation History, Cambly Mod Apk gives you the facility to view the history of your past conversations with the help of which you can revisit the previous conversations with tutors. This allows you to track your progress over time and identify areas of need for improving your English proficiency.

Language Level Assessment

The Language Level Assessment tool is also included in the Cambly modded version which determines your English proficiency level. This feature allows learners to delve deeper into their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their language learning experience accordingly.

Some Alternatives of Cambly Mod Apk


HelloTalk is a popular language-learning app that connects users with native speakers around the world. This provides the facility to practice language through text, voice messages, and video calls. There are features like translation tools and language exchange program, which make it a better option than Cambly Mod Apk for learning languages.


Tandem is also a good alternative to Cambly Mod Apk that pairs users with native speakers for language practice. This app has features like text chat, voice calls, and video calls, which help learners interact with their language partners. Tandem also provides personalized matching based on personal interests and learning goals, making the learning experience enjoyable and beneficial.


Italki is a global online language learning platform that connects students with qualified teachers for one-on-one lessons. Instead of Cambly Mod Apk’s informal conversation practice, Italki provides more structured lessons that are tailored to the learner’s needs and goals. With multiple languages and flexible scheduling options, Italki is a great option for people looking for professional guidance in their language learning journey.


Speaky is a social network platform designed for language exchange. Users can find conversation partners on the platform to learn or teach common interests or specific languages.

Last words on Cambly Mod Apk

Cambly Mod Apk is a game-changer for people learning languages. Its advanced features and easy-to-use interface provide users with an immersive experience that helps them learn and interactively improve their language skills. Be it a beginner or an advanced learner, this app has something for everyone.

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