Best Launchers For Android & iPhone 2021

If you would rather not use your home screen as it is, Best Android launchers are the way to go. There’s no question that they provide a Bundle of features that can be customized based on preference. Some Best Launchers are closer in nature to stock android while others offer completely unique and alternative looks for your home screen.

Android is a customizable operating system. Where iOS presents a locked interface, Android allows users to rearrange icons and change settings or features of the device. The software used by some manufacturers can be ‘Android’ but look completely different than what you would see on another manufacturer’s smartphone due to customization options available for each user.

Everyone has their own personal preference for how they like to organize and interact with apps on Android. So, when you find one that isn’t quite right or if your device’s default launcher drops the ball, there are endless third-party Android Best launchers available! We’ve picked some of our favourites so check them out below:

Top 10 Best Launchers For Android

Smart Launcher 5 Smart Launcher 5 Download
Nova Launcher Nova Launcher Download
 Microsoft Launcher  Microsoft Launcher Download
Evie Launcher Evie Launcher Download
Blackberry Launcher Blackberry Launcher Download
POCO Launcher 2.0 POCO Launcher 2.0 Download
Action Launcher Action Launcher Download
Apex Launcher Apex Launcher Download
Mi Launcher Mi Launcher Download
Lightest Android Launcher Lightest Android Launcher Download

Listening to users complaints about their default Android launchers got developers thinking: why not create an app with customization options so any user can have what they want? These apps we mentioned above all received good ratings from many different Users because it is easy to use and provides more freedom when choosing how you want everything set up rather than having a limited choice in pre-made themes or layouts. If this sounds interesting then download one now!

If you have a favourite Android launcher, buying the Pro key or contributing to the developers ensures that they can keep updating it and (hopefully) improve its performance. Developers need money if they are going to continue working on their apps!

iPhone Launchers For Android

If you’re an Android user, then there are some Android Launchers apps that can mimic the iOS interface on your phone. The two operating systems have different advantages and disadvantages but it’s possible to make them work together with an iPhone Launchers For Android.

The iPhone launcher for Android is an app that gives your phone a similar look to the iOS operating system. It includes features such as wallpaper, icons, and more with options you can toggle on or off.

iOS 11 Launcher iOS 11 Launcher Download
iPhone X Launcher iPhone X Launcher Download
iOS 10 Launcher iOS 10 Launcher Download
ilauncher ilauncher Download
ii Launcher for Phone 8 & Phone X ii Launcher for Phone 8 & Phone X Download

That’s a wrap! If you’re looking to give your Android phone the iOS look, then these are some of the best launchers for android that can do just that. You can download them by click on the download button.

Windows Launchers For Android (All Phones)

If you want to experience the Windows interface on your Android device, then here are some launchers that could give it to you! These launchers will make your phone look like a Windows PC. You can also customize these apps and change their appearance according to how they work best for you!

Android Windows 7 Apk Android Windows 7 Apk Download
Windows 10 Launcher Windows 10 Launcher Download
Computer Launcher Computer Launcher Download
Windows Xp Launcher Windows Xp Launcher Download